Per ogni lacrima che scende esprimi un desiderio

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Would appreciate confirmation on whether this is a genuine memo :- UPDATE Considering the first 2 commentsI would put it on the light spoof side of the news. My past life as Deputy Secretary of Defense under Donald Rumsfeld has taught me the importance of carrying out a plan with unwavering certainty. In that regard, I am writing to you with a stern warning. It has come to my attention that many of you are turning your internet browsers to TradeSports. I hope you understand that any attempt by World Bank Staff to buy or sell these contracts will be considered insider trading in clear violation of my anti-corruption guidelines. Your knowledge of normal World Bank personnel procedures gives you a clear information advantage in predicting whether I will be forced to resign. You must not abuse it. This is a bet that my friend, the U. Attorney General, will hang on through end

Per ogni lacrima che scende esprimi un desiderio

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May 01 2007

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