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We have moved to the corporate controlled corrupt government stage and most of the sheep in this country are going along willingly since they are so well educated to follow. Listen one more time, the corporations control the government, they preapprove and select our candidates. Their is no politician who would take a stand not preapproved by the wealthiest companies. You all are in a false democracy, and primarily because you are brainwashed to believe that your owners are good Christians. The bottom must fall out before their is change, but the change may be to a feudal state because most of you cannot discern reality.

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In this lax usage, men speak of "the poetry of motion," the poetry of Rodin or Wagner, the poetry of dahlia-raising. In accurate usage, poetry is a specific fine art, defined as follows: Poetry is the expression of thoughts which awake the higher and nobler emotions or their opposites, in words arranged according to some accepted convention. This definition includes, for instance, Oriental forms of poetry, where the sole convention is the number of syllables to the line.

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